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Know Better Live Best is dedicated to supporting food and health literacy in people of all ages. Our mission is to cut through the misinformation and confusion surrounding food, health, and nutrition. 

We are committed to creating a healthier world by providing the public with knowledge about nutrition, guidance for a healthy relationship with food, information on how to source food, and overall ways to improve general health. We believe that when people know better, they can make the right choices for themselves and live their best lives.

We are supported by Bytable Foods and share their mission for building transparency in our food system.

Our Team

Kari Ginger


Kari is a wife, mother, and teacher that has a passion for helping others learn to ask questions and seek out information.  She loves spending time with her husband and three children, taking photographs, and being outside as much as possible.  Health and nutrition play a crucial role in her life so that she can continue to enjoy being active and there for her family.

Kari has a strong desire to heal her mind and body through whole foods, and believes food can be as important as medicine.

After experiencing severe pain in her back and knees, Kari adopted a plant based lifestyle in hopes to bring down inflammation in her body naturally so that she can keep up with her three young children. Not only has she found relief from pain, the new found energy has helped her thrive as a mother and to be there more often for the small moments.  She strives to be a good example to her family so that they can follow in her footsteps and be the best version of themselves.  We are gifted with one life and she plans to live it to the max!

Alex Uding

Co-host, Writer, Creator of Advancing Her

Alex works with healthy and injured individuals alike, across the lifespan. She has special interest in orthopedic and sports rehab, women’s health, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and development of the female athlete. She is passionate about bridging the gap between rehabilitation and optimizing performance to promote a lifestyle of health and wellness through compassionate, person-centered care.

Alex loves to run, hike, and travel – visiting every national park is on the bucket list! She enjoys exploring new places, culture, food, music, and people. She is Chicago born and raised, but has lived all over the country. She loves hearing people’s story and what makes them tick.

Alex has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, is Precision Nutrition Certified, and is a Strength and Performance Coach. She works as a Physical Therapist and Performance Coach at Momentum Physical Therapy in Milford, MA.

Kevin Cutler

Show Coordinator

Kevin is an Auditor with 5 years experience serving a wide variety of clients in the not-for-profit and private sector. He loves spending time with family and friends, creating music, and being outdoors. He has a passion for transparency in financial markets and the food supply chain and believes Bytable Foods will play a crucial role in providing consumers assurance that their food is safe and transparent.

Kevin has a strong desire to heal his body and increase mental clarity through whole foods and fitness.

After testing his fasting blood sugar and unhappy with the results, Kevin adopted a low-carb diet where he cut out most grains. Not only did his fasting blood sugar return to a healthy level, inflammation he had thought was part of everyday life was significantly reduced. The daily pain and weakness he was experiencing in his dominant hand due to an injury years ago has essentially gone away due to his new lifestyle. He is determined to continue improving his health literacy so he can know more about nutrition and the sourcing of food so he can make the informed decisions to live his best life.

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